Apr 5, 2011

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Doom 4 Coming Sooner Than You Think

Usually id Software spents a lot more time than other game developers when it comes to pushing out their main releases, but is this going to be the case with Doom 4, read more below.

Creative Director Tim Willits had the following to say in a fairly recent interview:

Fans can expect to see key releases much sooner going forward than in the past

He also continued to state that because Doom 4 will be using id Software’s engine id Tech 5, the same as that used for Rage, the game will be developed a faster pace, which is great news for all you Doom 4 fans out there. Willits also added “So the plan is that Doom 4 will come out quicker and then the Rage team will start working on something else while Doom 4 is being finished up.”

Almost seven years have elapsed between it’s last release Doom back in 04, Willits stated the team wouldn’t have to spend too much time now because of the fact they are now a part of Zenimax Media. He also went on to explain how id Software used to have to take their time due to the fact that they had just one team working on the project, however with the addition of Zenimax Media, Doom 4 and Rage are being released faster and more efficiently.

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