Aug 4, 2011

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New Rage Trailer “Uprising” Released!

Above you can watch the new RAGE trailer!

Uprising is essentially an amazing journey through the video game RAGE, from an “Ark” survivor to a hero in the fight against the oppressors donned “Authority”.

The upcoming video release by id Software – RAGE, will be available for release in North America October 4th, the game will feature some of those great FPS quirks we’ve loved from previous id Software titles and much more, crazy intense first person shooter action, state of the art, new id Tech engine, some awesome vehicle combat, an absolutely huge vast world built for exploring. A game set in the near-future after a asteroid colilides with Earth, you begin in a wasteland, and discover that the human race has began to build itself back to what it used to be, however there are gangs filled with bandits, mutants and much more. From those who brought you some of the best first person shooters EVER, you can expect alot, and I’m certain you won’t be disappointed.

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