Aug 4, 2011

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Quakecon 2011 Coverage Portal Released

With Quakecon this week, we can’t help but notice not many other sites are doing coverage portals for this year’s Quakecon and that’s where our portal comes in handy. Whether your looking to visit the event yourself or just view/read news about it online, particularly news including the hugely anticipated Doom 4 you can see the latest news, view the Quakecon stream, get twitter updates directly from the event itself, a nice schedule showing when certain panels/keynotes are taking place. Below you can go to the portal itself, but be sure to spread it as far wide as possible so everyone can get the most from Quakecon this year.

Quakecon 2011 Coverage Portal

We’ll be posting news as it comes from the event, including a tour from James “2GD” Harding, a well-loved esports commentator and personality, interviews with professionals playing in the tournaments, trailers from the games id Software has to offer (RAGE, Skyrim, Doom 4) and much more, be sure to follow us on twitter for the latest Quakecon 2011 news and Doom 4 news. Aside from that, I hope you all enjoy yourselves this weekend, online or offline at the event itself, It’s going to be great so have fun!

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